Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupak Blagoes His Vote


In the words of former baseball broadcasting legend Jack Buck: "I don't believe what I just saw!"

After watching the fiasco that took place, yesterday in the sacred house chambers, I am proposing today that we, as a nation, change the term "Representatives" to "Individualists."

As the feds prepare their case to throw former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in jail, on charges that he schemed to sell or trade the Senate seat once held by President Obama, as well as, used his power to illegally pressure political campaign donors ... many Democrats from Bart Stupak all the way up to (and including) Obama have in essence committed the same crime.

The list of those confirmed to have made some sort of "deal" to sell their yes vote to Obamacare continues to grow. Here is just a sampling:

Ben Nelson, NE
Mary Landrieu, LA
Bart Stupak, MI
Gary Peters, MI
Allen Boyd, FL
Suzanne Kosmas, FL
John Boccieri, OH
Peter DeFazio, OR

Here in Michigan, I have made it my mission throughout the remainder of 2010, to donate much time and money toward securing the defeat of Bart Stupak. I urge others, both here and across this country, to do the same.

To those interested, Dan Benishek will be running against Stupak this November. You can contact his campaign directly at:

Benishek for Congress
802 Pentoga Trail
Crystal Falls, MI 49920
Phone: 906 265-0272