Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Official Launching of the "Rouge Revival"

28 October 08: Today, I launch the Rouge Revival Blog in an attempt to share my insight, wit and wisdom, as a hard working, fun loving, family oriented, contemporary music inspired lyricist and composer, humorist, satirist, conservative and proud American!

I'd like to ... first and foremost ... thank my wife Andrea for her unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance toward my love of music, politics, and the need to sing and play my instruments, play hockey, research, write, parody and lampoon for hours on end. I love you Andy!!!

I'd like to also thank my children for providing me with so much joy and laughter (yes, yes, some frustration as well, but I love em) over the years. I'd especially like to recognize my son Luke, a veteran of the United States Air Force, who nearly lost his life while serving our country.

In addition I would like to thank all of those, in my lifetime, that have called me friend. I've met so many incredible people. I'd also like to thank of all those bloggers that have been such a huge support in my daily research. I would especially like to acknowledge my good friend Tina Hemond (please check out her blog "Ordinary - Degrees of Moderation and Sanity - Massachusetts Conservative Feminist" at: http://degreesofmoderation.blogspot.com/) for inspiring me to actually get involved and do this blog.

My inspirations are many, but especially include the following:

All of the Framers (our Founding Fathers) of the United States of America, All of the Brave Men and Women that have served this country proudly, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Rudyard Kipling, John Lennon (and the Beatles), Bob Dylan, Tom Lehrer, Randy Newman, Weird Al" Yankovic, Steve Allen, George Burns, Red Skelton, Mel Brooks, most of the cast members from the first 20 years of Saturday Night Live, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Seth MacFarlane, plus many many others.

And finally, to the most important influence of my life ... my father ... Herbert H. Lewis. Although he's been gone for 23 years, he lives on in my heart and through my children. His hard working example, strict guidance, unconditional love, undying patriotism and never to have said a bad word about anyone, lives with me to this very day. Well, that is, all of those except for that last one. But I'm never really mean dad!

I trust that one and all will take my blog, parodies, and what nots with a grain of salt. I still believe that most people have an excellent sense of humor ... and those that don't reside mainly on the left anyway. I will never intend, purposely, to hurt anyone's feelings or to write anything that I'll regret later.

My intent is to share a point of view ... food for thought if you will ... and perhaps, maybe to even get a chuckle or two out of you in the process.

One of our country's greatest, Abraham Lincoln, unbeknownst to many, made excellent use of his humorous stories. His long time political opponent Stephen A. Douglas complained often that Lincoln's jokes were "like a slap across my back. Nothing else ... not any of his arguments or any of his replies to my questions disturbs me like that, and suddenly I am to be overmatched."

One cannot truly appreciate Lincoln without understanding his humorous side. Lincoln certainly deserves the credit he's received for what he accomplished in the way of preservation of the Union and freeing the slaves. But Lincoln had a lighter side and he used his jokes and stories both for the purpose of winning over his audience and releaving the tremendous pressure he experienced as President during the terrible Civil War.

And with that, I leave you the following, in hopes that you will return often and comment back every once in awhile.

Top Ten Obama Excuses on November 5th:
#10. "Must have used too much lipstick"
# 9. "No teleprompters in the voting booth"
# 8. "Guess it came down to Right vs. Wright"
# 7. "Should have told Joe to share the plunger"
# 6. "In hindsight, concentrating on winning the junior high vote probably not such a good idea"
# 5. "After campaigning in 50 states, I ran out of time to make it to them other seven"
#4. "Like a bad fielding shortstop, I just made too many Ayers"
#3. "Why didn't they tell me that nobody reads newspapers anymore! … Wait a minute, you're telling me they're all watching Fox? F#%&ing Hannity!!!"
#2. "Apparently them liberal chickens forgot to vote when they came home to roost"

And the #1 Obama Scapegoat Excuse on Nov. 5th:
"Voters got tired of me and wanted a change!"

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