Monday, July 6, 2009


They have not only attacked her personally; they have attacked her husband, her children, her values, and her beliefs with far more slings and arrows than any political figure has ever had to endure. Yet through it all, she remains above the fray in representing the heart and soul of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

"They" include the mainstream media, the left (I know that's being redundant), and even some within her own party. "They" sense a unifying force; "They" see a renewed hope; "They" hear inspiration; and so "They" feel threatened!

"They" include:
Andrew Halcro - who lost the 2006 gubernatorial race to her: "If she is thinking that leaving her term 16 months early is going to help her prepare to maybe go on to bigger and better things on the political stage, I think she's sadly mistaken. You just can't quit."

Larry Sabato - Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics: "I think it eliminates her from serious consideration for the presidency in 2012."

John Weaver - former senior strategist for John McCain's presidential bid: "If this is her launching pad for 2012, it's a curious move. She has no real accomplishments as governor."

Phillip Elliot - Associated Press: "Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's abrupt and unscripted holiday resignation is an odd way to launch a potential presidential bid and certainly no help for a party battered by scandal and fighting for relevancy."

The New York Times - A liberal rag: "We can't get over how she convinces a general election audience how quitting on her constituents is a good thing."

The Daily Kos - A Radical Web Site & unOrganization: "You have proven yourself an able contortionist, twisting circumstances to your convenience and naively believing that your self-serving yelps of success will drown out the shocking volume of your ineptitude."

The Huffington Post - An Internet Newspaper: "Palin's vision of politics is so profoundly radical that even performing the duties of office becomes unimportant."

Bill Maher HBO Political Host and former comedian: “She’s nothing more than a Retarded Flight Attendant.”

ABC News - Obama's State Run Television News Bureau: "If she thinks she’s had it so tough … two words … ‘Hillary Clinton’. Mrs. Clinton has been savaged with nasty criticism.”

To all of those listed above, as well as to the far too many more of you to list, I offer this shiny most recently released State Quarter and advise you to:


Where was all the scrutiny, not to mention the on-going vicious personal attacks, on Hillary Clinton? And we're not talking about her (in the words of country singer Patty Lovelace): lying, cheating, cold dead beating, two timing double dealing, mean, mistreating husband.

Mrs. Clinton, with no experience as a politician other than being married to one, ran a popularity contest for Senator of the very "blue" State of New York ... and wins. In her eight years as Senator the majority of her time was spent laying the blueprint and planning her run at the Presidency of the United States. Her entire second term was spent, largely, on the road in setting up her campaign strategies, personnel, offices, support, etc.

For her entire last two years as Senator, Mrs. Clinton devoted 99% of her time to becoming President, with no serious dedication to the tax payers of New York who paid her salary.

Sarah Palin was no longer going to allow the false accusations and attacks, as well as her future political aspirations and travel, hurt the state and people she loved. Sarah Palin truly cares about the State of Alaska, its citizens, and its future. As much as she cares about the United States of America.

With Hillary Clinton it was all about her, the Democrat Party, and most importantly power. With Sarah Palin it is absolutely about practicing what she preached (as she did throughout her brief run for the Vice Presidency): "Country First."

As radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh commented over the weekend: "When you have so many establishment types; inside the Beltway elites and media, be it Republican, Democrat ... it doesn’t matter, just so eager to destroy this woman ... it means they’re still scared to death of her."

And rightly so.