Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Despite $44/Barrel, We Still Need To Drill Here

Sometimes I wonder where liberals come up with their ridiculous notions about life in America. Right here in Michigan we are surrounded by misguided left wing loonies, who desperately are in need for all of us conservatives, to send them each one shiny ‘State of Michigan’ State Quarter.

Maybe then, they’ll buy a clue!

Leading the pack is Queen Loon herself, Obama Economic (pause for laughter) Guru & Prognosticator (I’ll wait), Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

But I’ve picked on the governor enough already this week. It is time we take a look at one of our great leaders (pause for laughter) in Washington - Senator Debbie Stabenow - who claimed earlier this year that rising gas prices were being "fostered" by President Bush and Vice President Cheney because of their former ties to the oil industry. Sen. Stabenow and her Senate colleagues only needed to look in a mirror to find the real culprits.

She has voted against all proposals for new oil drilling. There's tons of oil out there we cannot touch because the environmental movement owns the Democratic Party. Of course, the mainstream media gives these people a pass, but the facts bring out the truth.

Gasoline was high, this past summer (near $5 per gallon) because the world market for oil has been growing, while the Oil supply is static.

Sen. Stabenow and her colleagues are more responsible for the rising price of oil than the oil industry, the president, the vice president, his relatives, their friends, my friends, and your friends combined.

Drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), could have had an impact stabilizing the world price for a barrel of crude. Since the environmental movement owns our great State Senator, she had to vote against it.

I believe Stabenow knows many Americans are ignorant about economics and do not understand the law of supply and demand, so she makes ignorant statements and gets away with it. (It also amazes me how illiterate the mainstream press corps is about economics).

Sen. Stabenow wanted the public to put pressure on the Republicans when actually, the public needed to put pressure on the Democrats. They control Congress. They could have slowed or even put a halt to the rising price of oil if they would have opened up the Coast of California and ANWR to oil drilling.

Some say that any chance of her approving such a plan, came to a screeching halt, when she learned last spring that her husband, Thomas Athans, had done a little ‘off-shore drilling’ of his own.

Now that a barrel of oil has fallen to under $45 a barrel, it is no time to even think for a moment, that we are out of the woods.

Prices have dropped significantly based on the pressure from President Bush lifting the ban on drilling in U.S coastal waters, mixed with, the current economic slowdown which has forced many to cut back on fuel consumption.

Economic lesson #1: This is a temporary solution. Production will soon be cut forcing ‘supply and demand’ (look it up libs) to rule the day. Although we may not get back to the $5 per gallon levels (for now), we could be up around $4 per gallon by February 2009.

Happy New Year!

Sen. Stabenow does not agree with that assumption and once again needs to desperately by a clue.

Senator! You need a reality check to exorcise the Pelosi demons from your thought processes. Speaker Pelosi led you astray on the successful Iraq war military surge and now she is leading you astray on energy. The only reason I am taking time to try to help you is that you represent the state I love, which in turns represents the country I adore.

You have been quoted to have said: “The skyrocketing cost of gas is hurting families, already struggling from the automotive crisis here in Michigan. Fuel costs are making it more difficult for families to pay the bills, for community groups to feed the hungry and for local businesses to thrive and create jobs.”

Yes, and Democrats, especially the controlling liberal factions, and environmentalist extremism have played a very large role in creating these circumstances. By placing ‘off limits’ to drilling areas where we know there is oil, you increase our dependence on (what will soon be again) costly foreign oil. Through over regulation, your party has made it ever more difficult to build new refineries. By passing huge agriculture bills full of taxpayer funded subsidies for grain farmers, you continue to drive up the cost of our food. Your party and its supporters are largely responsible for this mess.

In tomorrow’s column, we will discuss here, why places like ANWAR hold the key to our future dependency issues, and why, liberals like Stabenow are attempting to sell us on her, Environmentalist friend’s driven, talking points.

For now, there are two things you can do now to fight back.
First, call or email your Senator and Representative, and tell him or her to “Drill Here, Drill Now!”

Second, please visit americansolutions.com/drillnow and sign the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition.

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