Monday, December 22, 2008

Schwarzenegger's Green Challenge

This month, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (of Kali-fornia) warned of financial Armageddon, as California faced a potential $40 billion deficit that threatened jobs, roads, schools and public safety. At the same time, he's pushing some of the world's toughest environmental laws to make California a leader on (get ready for the new buzz word, since 'Global Warming' continues to be proven for the hoax that it is) "climate change."

When Schwarzenegger announced to the UN delegates, gathered in Poland at the The Climate Group's second annual States and Regions Climate Leader Summit, that he would lead the "Green Challenge", I actually thought it was a promotional gimmick for a new movie entitled:

"The Terminator vs The Hulk."

As it turns out, the Governator was referring to Green rules and regulations in which he personally feels will help both the climate and the economy.

"States and provinces have long been at the forefront of developing green technologies and protecting our economy so that they are setting great examples for our federal counterparts."

I'm sure what he meant to say was that: "States and provinces have long been at the forefront of misleading people, that is, those that are very green when it comes to reality, as to the history and true condition of our environment and planet."

His audience was international environment ministers and regional government leaders from around the world, who were in Poznan for the annual United Nations climate conference. They are negotiating a successor agreement on curbing greenhouse gas emissions to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.

Ah, you remember the Kyoto Protocol, don't you? Oh sure you do. The Kyoto protocol is nothing more than the world's attempts to get its hands into our wallets.

Even the "self proclaimed" environmentalist experts and scientists have conceded that Kyoto will have no impact. Yet they believe in Kyoto, despite the fact the green groups (at a past U.N. climate summit in Buenos Aires) once called President Bush immoral and illegitimate for not supporting Kyoto, the groups themselves concede the protocol will only have a symbolic effect on climate ... because ... they believe Kyoto's too weak.

Kyoto is an international treaty which seeks to limit greenhouse gases of the developed countries by 2012. The problem is that China's exempt from it and China is on its way to becoming the #2 greenhouse gas producer. If China's exempt, then tell me what Kyoto is all about. And then it is claimed that Kyoto will have no impace. The key phrase is that "it will only have symbolic effect."

'The Symbolic Effect' is all that liberals (and RINOs or Republicans In Name Only) are interested in for terms of persuading people. We are never to ask the results of their work, only their intentions. We're never supposed to dig deep to find out how their ideas work or fail.

It's always about the "Greenhouse Gases".

So let’s talk about greenhouse gases. Water vapor is earth's most effective and abundant greenhouse gas, accounting for 95% of the greenhouse effect. In terms of weather, we refer to water vapor as humidity. Depending on where you reside, many of you know the effects of high humidity. On a warm, humid summer day, you can't move about outdoors without beads of perspiration breaking on your brow. On those same nights the water vapor laden air seems heavy and the temperature has a difficult time dropping to comfortable sleeping levels. This is because humid air tends to hold its temperature. What you are witnessing is the greenhouse effect doing what it's supposed to do. Retain Heat!

Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would be a ball of ice void of life. It's astounding how today this life-dependant atmospheric factor has become the environmental bad guy. We are always told that "Greenhouse gases are killing us,"

Curiously, research I’ve gathered from the Department of Energy fails to list water vapor as a greenhouse gas. This is incredibly disingenuous, given that, in reality, water vapor is the 600 pound gorilla in the greenhouse. After water vapor, the remaining five percent of the greenhouse gases are, in order of concentration: CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and a variety of other minor gases, including ozone, carbon monoxide, and chlorofluorocarbons.

However … and stay with me on this one … it must be noted that methane is 21 times more potent than CO2 when it comes to retaining the sun's heat, and nitrous oxide is 310 times more effective than CO2. Carbon dioxide is actually a part time (on the sidelines) player in the greenhouse game.

Since the Department of Energy and other government climate gurus choose to ignore the mighty greenhouse effect of water vapor, for the sake of the following proposition, then so shall I.
Let's eliminate water vapor from the equation for a moment and focus only on the remaining five percent of greenhouse gases. Human contribution to the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is realized primarily through the burning of fossil fuels, but also through important processes like manufacturing cement (the chemical reaction necessary to its production releases CO2) and even farming (plowing a field exposes microscopic organic matter in the soil, causing the carbon-laden organisms to die, thus releasing CO2 into the atmosphere).

Accounting for the individual concentrations and potencies of the other greenhouse gases (minus water vapor), the contribution of carbon dioxide emissions created by human activity accounts for only 2.33% of the earth's greenhouse effect. Now, when we reconsider water vapor into the math, humankind's carbon-dioxide footprint is reduced to .117% of the greenhouse effect (that reads one hundred seventeen thousandths of a percent).

To say we're being handed a line of green bull is an understatement.

There is no planetary emergency caused by an abundance of carbon dioxide. And even if the CO2 created by our activities was an issue, the earth has mechanisms in place to accommodate. Just like the water vapor that eventually returns to earth as precipitation, working its way into a deep ocean or subterranean aquifer, airborne carbon dioxide is absorbed by large repositories called "sinks" which include everything from the atmosphere itself to the oceans to the plants, rocks and dirt.

If anyone is in denial, it's those who still believe in global warming.

Now how about it Hollywood … The Terminator vs The Hulk?

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