Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lessons Learned - Lest We Forget

While the sitcom “Welcome Back Carter” prepares itself for it’s premier on January 20, 2009, even as we all got a sneak preview yesterday in Chicago, there is an urgent need for two critical issues to remain front and center.

The fear is that, as in the days of Jimmy Carter, critical decisions that will affect the very existence of this country well into the future, will either be completely ignored or grievously miscalculated.

As we head into a new administration, the fear is that the entire issue of open borders and Illegal immigration will once again fall off the radar.

Reforming immigration policy fell to Ronald Reagan after fumbling attempts at reform by Carter. “This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position” claimed Reagan at the start of his Presidency.

However, nearly 27 years later, uncontrollable numbers of illegal aliens continue to pour into this country at an alarming rate. There have been far too many examples, most recently with the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, where we have failed to take advantage of lessons learned.

We can only hope that President Elect Obama, and the Democrat led Congress, react to the opinion of 84% of ‘We The People’, and seal up our borders, now!

The second critical issue, as we discussed briefly here yesterday, has to do with rising fuel prices and the absolute need to refocus our energy on America’s own natural resources.

Opening up more land and off shore sites for exploration is the answer to decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. The outer continental shelf, ANWR, and similar places should have never been placed off limits in the first place. That was national economic foolishness in order to appease tree huggers who want us to revert to a nineteenth century way of life.

We need to ‘drill here and drill now!’ Do it responsibly and hygienically, but do it yesterday. And by the way, just because an oil company has a lease on land doesn’t mean there is oil there. Stop with the smoke and mirrors rhetoric. Congress needs to get out of the way and let the professionals decide when and where to drill.

Leave the strategic oil reserve alone. It is for real emergencies, not false ones created by extremists who purposefully decreased our oil supply by making it harder to get and refine our own crude oil.

And real emergencies with nations who hate us are coming due to this Congress backstabbing President Bush and our troops in a time of war, and thus emboldening our enemies.

So what does Congress do? They pass legislation to force higher mileage standards for cars and trucks? That does me and my neighbors no good when we can’t afford these new vehicles. Any savings at the pump are eaten up by a big car payment. Besides, these new vehicles will be more dangerous because they will have to be small and light weight to meet the new mileage standards. As a home owner, I have to haul things all the time. How is a battery-powered car going to haul around anything besides two skinny liberals?

What about having stuff delivered? OK, that means added cost and we are back to needing oil to power more diesel engine delivery trucks that can deliver heavy loads. Is there anything even remotely on the horizon of technology that will ever replace the internal combustion engine for hauling heavy loads? I seriously doubt it.

Just take a look at the Nancy Pelosi led Congress three bullet points regarding their accomplishments on this very issue:

1. “Took action to investigate price gouging and ensure that retailers aren’t artificially inflating the cost of gas.”

What about government at all levels gouging us with ever increasing taxes on energy? What about government farm subsidies that artificially inflate the cost of food? I still can’t get over the notion that government forces me to pay taxes and then turns around and gives that money to farmers so that they will alter their actions in a way that drives up the cost of my groceries.

2. “Passed investments in renewable and alternative energy and reduced taxpayer subsidies for oil companies.”

What about getting rid of the stupid ethanol subsidies that are driving food prices higher? Oh that’s right, because ethanol subsidies buy the Democrats more votes from the Corn Belt farmers. So my taxes go to prop up a failed alternative energy source, making my grocery bill higher just so Democrats get more votes.

Wind and solar power are unpredictable. What will we have as backup energy on windless and cloudy days? Besides, they are a visual blight to our countryside. I thought you Democrats cared about the "pristine" environment.

But no, you will throw up these ugly wind generators and solar panels everywhere in the lower 48 states before you will drill for oil in a barren, uninhabitable, desolate place such as ANWR that is in darkness most of the year.

Why not invest in more nuclear and hydro-electric energy generation? France has been generating electrical energy with nuclear power safely for many years now. And the last I checked, the water cycle of rain and rivers is about as renewable as you can get. We need to build more nuclear reactors and hydro-electric dams for power. That will help us bring down the cost of our electric utility bills.

3. “Passed a Farm Bill that makes a historic investment in Bio-fuels made from crops other than grain.”

Oh great, what other food sources are you going to subsidize with my taxes, making less of it available to eat thus driving up our grocery bill further and starving the worlds poor just so you get more votes?

How do you power ambulances, freight trains, and airplanes on carrot juice? Maybe some day alternative energy that doesn’t have to be subsidized, will not visually pollute our landscapes, and will not lessen food sources (and drive up prices) will be available. Until then, we need more of our own oil out of the ground and refined here and now to keep the American economic engine rolling. Let’s do it cleanly and safely, but let’s do it now. Stop wasting our time and money trying to synthesize cheap, magic pixie dust so we can all fly around like Peter Pan.

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