Monday, November 24, 2008

We The People Are In A Culture War

And so as I wake up this Monday morning, on the verge of another Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I am once again confronted with the absolute certainty of a Culture War which has been slowly suffocating this great nation.

A good friend of mine (and a Great American to boot) informed me this morning that she had attended a birthday party over the weekend. Now keep in mind that she is a conservative surrounded by a family of democrats. At one point, in conversation, her nephew (“who loves to get convervative cranking”) sarcastically asks in front of one and all: “So what about that war on Christmas?” To which her brother replies: “Oh, that’s just from those people at Fox News … it doesn’t exist!”

Just at that moment, a waitress happened by and so my friend takes the opportunity to set the record straight, and asks: “Do you believe there is a war on Christmas?” To which the waitress immediately replied: “Oh Man, Absolutely! As an example, they are refusing to let us have our Christmas display in Greenfield (MA) … and another thing, they won't let the kids wear red and green to school!”

Needless to say that jaws dropped around the table. And so, with those at the party having now been enlightened, suddenly the conversation turned to: “Well they can’t do that … that’s outrageous!”

Point, set, and match!

On a side note … maybe there really is something to the Fox News Creed: “We Report, You Decide!”

The bottom line here is that the culture war appears to be out of hand. The hardest thing for me to understand (and accept) over the past several years, is the growing need to accommodate (changing our ways, rights and beliefs) for a small percentage of the populace. I refer to it as "Damning Down America."

The problem with the world is not America. The problem with the world is the lack of equal distribution of capitalism, and for me, it's just that simple. It comes down to one basic thing that makes this country unique: Our Founding Documents.

Documents, which in essence, recognizes that we are all created by God and that we all have certain inalienable rights. To me (and I truly believe to every red blooded American) that means it is part of our yearning spirit and it is part of our creation. That is liberty, a yearning to be free … we don't want to be bound up … we don't want to be shut up … we don't want to be constrained.

Displaying a nativity scene on the lawn of the State Capital falls directly in line with what America is all about ... and it grinds my behind to be pressured by a minority into not even being able to wear red and green in school. WTF?

But, I digress ...

We are human beings … we're explorers … we're researchers … we're pioneers. We don't want to be caged, and the Founding Fathers understood this. What is the “Pursuit of Happiness.” Life is to be maximized and pursued to its fullest … and people are to get as much out of it as they are able, and they can't do it with shackles around their ankles. They can't do it with governments that hold them in contempt. They can't do it with leaders that think they have no brains. People are going to be constrained by a government who think they have no ability to do things, so they're going to want to do everything for them.

During his first inaugural address, our country's 40th President, Ronald Reagan, clearly stated the following:

“We are a nation under God, and I believe God intended for us to be free. It would be fitting and good, I think, if on each Inauguration Day in future years it should be declared a day of prayer.”

Today I am worried sick … basically because I just don’t see that happening … at least not this coming January.

And so I’m asking all of my fellow Americans, that this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, to wear the red and green, to both remember and proudly display the nativity, to say the words "Merry Christmas", and to pray.

Together we’ll stay the course, fight the right fight, and always …

"Keep The Faith!"


Andy said...

I could not take a minute to comment on your blog today - MERRY CHRISTMAS - MERRY CHRISTMAS - MERRY CHRISTMAS - I will always use this greeting to any and everyone that I meet on the Christmas holiday - God Bless You and God Bless America - I will not defer from my beliefs because someone tells me I have to.....I am entitled to believe and worship as I want. I AM AN AMERICAN!

Child of God said...

I only send cards that read Merry Christmas, and I say Merry Christams to people I meet.

If they have a problem with that; it's their problem, not mine.

I only shop for Christmas gifts at stores that advertise Christmas gifts for sale. If they want my Christmas business, they have to say they want my Christmas business.

Check out the video link here for a little smile about it all.

Merry Christmas!

Jimmy Lewis said...

Child of God ... Merry Christmas and Hear Hear!!! I welcome you to the Rouge Revival and I hope that you will return often.

And thank you for sharing the video link attached to your comment ... Everyone who happens on these comments should cut and paste to view this spot on video!!!

Jimmy Lewis
Rouge Revival

Verso said...

That "can't wear red and green" thing is pure bullshit,and I'm amazed you don't realize it.

Whining uncontrollably like a small child is one thing, but falling for complete bullshit is something else entirely.