Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black & Blue Friday

Suddenly, although it had been a most anticipated moment for the past hour, the doors to your local retailer opens to signify the start of Black Friday. Although just moments before, a passerby may have confused those gathered outside the store to be human beings, instead view a pack of wild animals running over each other in search of that precious one of a kind bargain.

I believe these very people to be those, whose speed on the road slows by some 10 to 20 MPH, as well as, drift in and out of your lane, whenever they use their cell phone while driving.

I'm sure by now you are all aware of the resulting deaths caused by Black Friday shoppers. One employee trampled to death at a Walmart, while two others were gunned down in a ToysRUs. But unknown to most are the hundreds, if not thousands, of shoppers injured this past Friday.

Mix with that the several deaths and many hundreds more injured on our nation's roads, over the long Thanksgiving weekend, due to cell phone use while driving.

A sign of the times? We're definitely a nation, as a government, with the wrong list of priorities, as well a people, that have totally lost control of our senses.

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