Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai - A Reminder To All of Us

The death and devastation brought about in the Mumbai, India terror attacks, should serve as a reminder, to us all, of this global threat that continues to be knocking on our nation's door.

While we mourn those lost and pray for their families, as well as those injured, it is time we (as a nation) step back and realize that there is one major reason it was not us. That there is absolutely one major reason we have not been hit since September 11, 2001.

George W. Bush.

Let us stop the bashing and give this man his due!!!


dmarks said...

Much is made about how "the world hates Bush". But one country that does not is India. It is the second most populous country on earth, and is the largest democracy.


The robust "Bush-bashing" began a few short weeks after the 9/11 disaster with two major players...

Code Pink & U.F.P.J.

while George Soros was busy contacting militant billionaire "Peace Foundations" (see "Vast Left Wing" Post on our S/H weblog).

CarEth Foundation
Ford Foundation
MacArthur Foundation

plus O.S.I., MoveOnDotOrg, Media Matters, et al.

plus deep-pocket names like David Geffen, Penny (Hotel Hyatt)Pritzer, Peter (Progressive Insurance) Lewis, and others. reb

We Follow The Money. reb

Tina Hemond said...

What happenned in Mumbai is a preview - radical Islamic factions blame Western Culture, and although George Bush is consistantly battered by those who cannot or refuse to comprehend the scope of this historical phenomena of a quasi-religious military campaign, the fact that all "Westerners and Americans" were sought out - This should send out warnings to nations that are not following this particular brand of "theocracy". Look how this has spread, from the Arabia to Asia to Africa and, yes, Europe - to think that these "terrorist" will not become emboldened by the election of Barack Obama is insane - although we have no idea of how he will react, once he is actually in the white house - all one has to do it look back to Carter and his approach - bet the house that this is what those who are in command of this insanity are doing. Bush kept us safe and the crazy's at bay, giving credit where credit is due.